I will post Daily Ratings for the UK/Irish race cards whenever time permits.

Ratings 20 10 18

Ratings 19 10 18

Ratings 18 10 18

Ratings 17 10 18

Ratings 16 10 18

Ratings 15 10 18

Ratings 14 10 18

Ratings 13 10 18

Ratings 12 10 18

Ratings 11 10 18

Ratings 10 10 18

Ratings 09 10 18

Ratings 08 10 18

Ratings 071018

Ratings 061018

Ratings 05 10 18

Ratings 04 10 18

Ratings 03 10 18

Ratings 02 10 18

Ratings 01 10 18

Ratings 30 09 18

Ratings 29 09 18

Ratings 28 09 18

Ratings 27 09 18

Ratings 26 09 18

Ratings 25 09 18

Ratings 24 09 18

Ratings 23 09 18

Ratings22 09 18

Ratings21 09 18

Ratings20 09 18


Ratings18 09 18




Ratings14 09 18









Ratings 5th September


G: Performs on the going

Cl: Performs in this class

C: won at course

D: won at distance

!: Jockey profitable profile one ride at track

~: Jockey and Trainer profitable combo

V: first time visor

C: first time cheek piece

H: first time hood

B: first time blinkers

t: first time tongue tie

[-12]: 12lb below last winning weight

T1: Timeform 1st pick

S: Good stallion profile for race

(1/2): jockey has won once from 2 rides on horse

^ Travels over 250 miles to race course


20 Responses to Complete Daily Ratings

  • lee says:

    Are there any ratings for today??

  • Nick says:

    Hi Stuart, yes I am nothing if not fanatical about stats, and I keep complete records of just about everything. I will send them to you. Cheers

  • TOPTIP says:

    Hello there! I just want to congratulate you for your great work in moonhorse! I can see your passion and loyalty and i must tell you i admire it. Good work, keep going! And thank you for all your free stuff here!

  • stephen says:

    Hi there, ive only just discovered these was wondering do you update your ratings with the results. Im intrigued to see how your results pan out. At the moment i only track the top rated clear by more then 18% from next horse.

    • Nick says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment. I used to upload the results to the site, but that page was rarely looked at! I do keep records of the top three rated, and the results are consistent month on month. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Ratings page, you will see 3 links relating to the top 3 rated horses. Essentially, the top rated wins 25% of all races, and one of the top 3 wins 56% of all races. Obviously, you cannot blindly back the top rated and hope to profit. But, the ratings can be used as a guide to assist alongside whatever other methods you use. The ratings work best when there is known form, and your preference to follow the top rated if over 18% difference makes sense. I hope you find the ratings useful. Cheers. Nick

      • stephen says:

        Thanks Nick, after I posted I found the links and checked it out. Very impressive im working out the best way to use them at the moment, really impressed and you have a new follower now.

  • stephen says:

    Hi nick, just wondering how you come up with the % figure. And how much you weight course and distance parameters. And was also wondering if you sell copies of these ratings.

  • Steve says:

    Hi nick looking forward to cheltenham how did your ratings do last year at the meeting? Ive been playing around with your top 3 rated at moment doing different permed groups and its paying off so far.

  • Kevin Moore says:

    Hello again Nick,
    I’ve notice that your ratings list now has an additional ( Gray ) column (TFR) to the far right. What is the significance of the Number listed and of the symbols ( p ? + x -x ) posted after a numerical figure ?

  • Scott says:


    April ratings???

    Thanks 😀

  • Rob says:

    Hi Nick
    Are you doing any ratings please,and your nap?

  • Dave Jenkins says:

    Really enjoy your ratings especially all the extra info (from ATR and TF) inc. How you get it loaded into a spreadsheet is a bit of mystery. Are your ratings based on form performance? Do you have breakdown % of success between Hcs and N/Hcs and no of runners class etc.?

  • stephen says:

    Have these stopped now?

  • anita says:

    Hi Nick

    Are there any ratings for today please?

  • Ben says:

    Hi Nick,
    Have been downloading your ratings for a week or two now, but I’m still a tad confused as to what half of it means!
    Don’t suppose you can give me some kind of guide or write up as to what it all means?
    Sorry to ask a noob question I’m just trying to extract what I can from the ratings.

  • Ben says:

    Hi Nick,
    Any ratings today please?
    Notice they have been few and far between while the weather has been rubbish, was hoping to be back in action today now there’s a few meetings and the snow is melting


  • Roger Stanley says:

    Have these stopped for good now?

  • George says:

    Hi Nick,
    Do you still do the ratings?

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