1. Hi Nick,I admire your new strategy for the nap although do not agree with it,my idea of a nap is the best horse to win that day,so why not put up a nap and a longshot as well.

  2. Hi Rob,
    I agree! I had some feedback regarding the low odds, and so thought I would try picking at better odds.
    I will return to my previous format!
    As ever, your feedback is always appreciated!

  3. Hi Nick.
    It has been tough trying to find winners lately,or is it just me? Maybe when the jumps start and settle down things will improve as long as my betting bank remains topped up of course

    1. Hi Rob,
      It has been difficult; and to be honest the changeover of seasons always seems to throw up odd results; i.e. the end of the flat and start of the jumps (September/October), and the end of the jumps start of the flat (April/May). I have found some good winners on the Daily Betting Blog, but the NAPs had a terrible few days over the last week or so. I do use a recovery staking system on the NAPs, and it generally works well, but not when I have more than 3 losers on the bounce! Sometimes you just have to stick with it! Hope all is well with you. Cheers Nick

  4. Hi Nick
    Good to see you back after your Vacation, hope you enjoyed it, good to see the NAP service get of to a flyer, don’t know what happened to Lietenant Gruber?
    Which now leads me to the longshots which in all honesty maybe not given long enough, but at the moment will not be investing in that format, l realise this is a FREE service and it is very much appreciated for all you’re hard work and effort that must go into it, so all in all keep up the good work, maybe a review of the longshots!!!

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